As an expert expat advice provider, we believe that the more you learn about the place you are going to move to, the easier your relocation experience will be. That’s why we have designed our services to include everything that an expat may need. We provide the following services:

Career advice

Finding a new job at a new place can be challenging. We help the expats by giving them advice about their careers, the new job market, etc. We help them meet the criteria required to get a good job in Switzerland.

Family and children

You will learn about the different child care services available from us. We will give you advice regarding your child’s education. You will know about the family benefits that you may receive from the government.


The health insurance policies vary from country to country. We will tell you about the health insurance policies in Switzerland. We will help you to get the most appropriate health insurance coverage to support your entire family.


You will get help regarding renting a house or buying one. You will learn about the real estate agencies, the mortgage providers, and removal companies. We will help you to find a suitable place to live with your family.

We provide all the essential information you need to relocate to Switzerland. Our advice will help you to make a smooth transition to your new life.