Top 3 challenges of moving to Switzerland

If you decide to permanently move to a new country then you should be prepared to meet certain challenges. No matter how good the country is, you will face some problems when you move in. Here are the top challenges that you will face when you decide to move to Switzerland.

Work permits

If you want to move to Switzerland then you must get a job first. Unless you have an employment contract, you won’t get a visa to the country. You will also need to have an apartment booked before you move in.

Cultural shock

Four different languages are spoken in Switzerland. So, language is the first shock you will get. The offices start earlier and finish earlier as well than that in other countries. Punctuality is very important in work. So, if you are not punctual, you will leave a negative remark on your employer.

Getting an apartment to live in

You will be surprised to know that 60 applications are dropped for leasing a single apartment. The number of apartments available for lease is limited. So, getting a place to live in can be a major challenge when you move to Switzerland. You must hire a relocation agent for finding a good apartment.

You must plan ahead when you decide to relocate to Switzerland. You must prepare all the documents needed before moving. If you start to take preparations months before then you will be more prepared to face these challenges.