3 things you should know about the job market of Switzerland

The first thing you should be worried about when moving to a new country is getting a job. Switzerland is a land of opportunities, but you need to learn about the job market in order to make the most out of these opportunities. Here are three things you should know about the job market in Switzerland.

Low unemployment rate

The current unemployment rate in Switzerland is 3.7%. So, there are lots of job opportunities. Try to get hold of a career advisor to help you in getting the right job. The advisor will tell you what kinds of jobs are in demand, how to write an attractive CV, educational requirements, number of years of experiences needed, etc.

High salary

Switzerland is one of the highest salary paid countries in the world. The social security benefits are very good in this country. You will also get holiday payment of four weeks every year. Getting a job can be very competitive here, but once you get it you will enjoy a very high standard of life with a very high salary.

Foreign companies have headquarters here

Switzerland attracts lots of foreign companies due to its low government taxes. The tax policies are also very favorable for doing business. So, lots of job opportunities are available in these foreign companies.

The overall scenario of the Swiss job market is very positive. As an expat, you will have lots of opportunities to find a good job. But you will also have to remember that the market is competitive and there are lots of foreigners like you who will be competing for the same position. You should try to improve your skills so that you can get an upper hand over the other candidates. For example, you can learn one of the languages that are most spoken in Switzerland. This will increase your chances of getting a good job.